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Your New Website

Friday 01 May 2020

We've designed a new website to help you do more online.

We hope you like your new website.  We've designed it to help you do more online.  There's reliable information about medical conditions and advice on what to do if you have symptoms.  There's also a lot of information about any administrative enquiries you may have.

You can click on the cards or menu on the home page to find information or use our search tool.  When you get to a page if there's any further advice on what to do next then this'll be shown in the right hand side bar (on large screens, e.g. computers, laptop, tablets in landscape mode) or below the main information on small screens (e.g. mobile phones).

For example, if you search for sore throat and look at the information, there's plenty of advice about how to help yourself and when you should seek medical advice.  On the right hand side we offer information about what other help is available to you and ways to contact the practice online about this.  So in this example there's information about local pharmacies and the option to send an online consultation.

We hope you find your new site useful.  If you have any feedback for us about the site please click here and complete the form.

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