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Travelling Abroad

If you're thinking of travelling abroad you need to take the following steps.  You need to give yourself at least 8 weeks to do this as some vaccinations are given in stages. If you don't allow enough time for these to be given you may not be sufficiently covered when you travel.

  • Contact the Surgery and request a print out of your vaccination history, you must arrange to collect this from the Surgery.
  • You need to find a travel clinic, make an appointment with them, and take your vaccination history with you.
  • The travel clinic will provide an assessment for the country you're planning to visit; they'll advise what vaccinations and malaria treatments are necessary. Some vaccinations that you might need are chargeable and the costs for these aren't covered by the NHS.
  • The Surgery will give any recommended vaccinations covered by the NHS for free.
  • You will need to contact the Surgery to make an appointment to have these vaccinations and you must bring the travel assessment provided by the travel clinic. Vaccinations cannot be given without the assessment.